I am a massive fan of songs that have songs inside of songs. And [100 Foxes] did that so well. When that build up happened I thought that was so lovely. When that chord hit that real quiet, it just brought me down to earth. It helped me focus on what this song is about. I was all about the excitement and the energy about it but then it really kicked in to what the song is about.

- Bob Boilen, NPR

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy this group of tunes, I think you guys did a great job, so much emotion and light in the songs. I think this is a really like-able bunch of tunes, people are gonna react when they hear it.

- Ed Ackerson, Flowers Studio

Looking Forward to Looking Back proves that Cinders has the ability to step outside of their comfort zone and experiment with different sounds. Their hard work has definitely paid off because the end result is a perfect track list with both fast-paced and slower songs that show this band’s immense amount of talent.

- Elyse Lijoi, Stars and Scars

The second album from Salt Lake City’s six piece band Cinders, Looking Forward To Looking Back, is the perfect soundtrack for those nights that you find yourself staring up at the stars, reveling in the magic of it all. Looking Forward To Looking Back provides a rush of poppy melodies fueled by the kind of synth that you want to sing along to. Yeah, you know the kind.

- Kayla Lee, Out From The Pine Box

So are Cinders really the next rulers of the pop punk world? I think they have every right to be in the contest. They’re happy to honour what’s come before them in terms of style, instrumentation and ideology, but I think they’re also taking the genre in new directions. And that’s exciting.

- Sounds Like Blog

Cinders is certainly making a splash on their self titled debut album. From start to finish, the band has put together an LP that some veteran artists can't even come close to. 

- Rachel Freitas, Music Existence Magazine


Just in time for summer, sun, camping, hiking and road trips comes Salt Lake City’s own folk/indie five-piece Cinders, who have recently released this 12-track, self-titled album. Cinders is constant, feel-good energy from start to finish. The album really gave me the feeling of wanting to stand up and dance, no matter how many times I listened through it.  

- Slug Mag


Cinders played at our venue in Provo. Not only was the concert high energy and very entertaining, but from a financial standpoint,, it was one of the highest grossing local shows we have ever had. They definitely delivered on all fronts.

-Sam Mecham, Gezzo Hall

The soundtrack to the best days of your life

-Becca Bec, Release the Sounds

Bursting on the scene in 2015, the band Cinders has captured the attention of music appreciators of every kind. Although commonly labeled as an indie rock band, Cinders has the ability to appeal to fans of multiple genres with their “catchy synth leads and killer melodies.” Expect to hear positive, energetic music that you’ll be glad to get stuck in your head. Cinders is a group of friends turned professional musicians, bringing an impressive rhythmic acoustic vibe that will be heard for years to come.

-Craft Lake City


I listened to [Last Year's Winter] and I really dig it. Reminds me of Maritime. That's meant to be a compliment. Really cool. Very sad in a happy way (if that makes sense)

-Justin Pierre of Motion City Soundtrack

Cinders is a nice blend of indie pop, folk, and rock. Upbeat strum patterns, smooth harmonies, and interesting percussion lines make Cinders perfect for road trips in the summer time.

-Reach Provo

Feel good folk music that's reminiscent of The Head And The Heart on the happy days of their lives. We're really excited to see where they go.

-The Couch Series


Cinders’ music begs to be listened to with some good company and a stiff drink. After having my 20th+ listen to their newest EP, ‘I Could Do Better,’ I figured out that certain feeling that seemed to grow every time you give it another spin. Home. They made their listener feel as if they were returning home. Whether that home is a studio apartment with their pet, a house in the mountains surrounded with family, the concrete floor of a friend’s basement or in a cabin seat on a plane…there is a common ground of nostalgia that is home and a comforting feeling that comes with it.

-Becky Mickletz, RAW Artists


5 piece band Cinders makes some catchy pop/rock music. Coming from Salt Lake City, they've honed their skills with instrumentation, song writing and vocals and are ready for the big time. 



Based out of Salt Lake City, Cinders has managed to put themselves on the music scene in a matter of months. Their rhythmic acoustic vibe along with catchy synth leads, and killer melodies have hooked in hundreds and thousands. They continue to impress at every show and they satisfy their listeners with each new song they release. They have shared the stage with many fantastic local and touring acts. High energy with smiles on their faces- Cinders will bring musical happiness to anyone with ears.

-Aaron Davis, Music-Go-Round

[Cinders] has become a certified channel-favourite with both me and all of [my subscribers] 

-Alex Rainbird


Cinders – “Hope You Do”

-I really like this song. I mean, there are technical ways of saying that, but I just like the song. Imagine the “devil may care” attitude of Billie Joe Armstrong combined with the easy going style of a band more like Weezer. That’s the combination that makes up Cinders. Oh, but I almost forgot you have to add a dash of infectious pop writing. Take some of the happiest hooks from pop punk and slow them down to some chill folk rock music, you’ll come out with the enjoyable “Hope You Do.” It’s cute and about falling in love, too, so yeah check it out. I hope you do.

-Ear To The Ground Music